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Why Flood Insurance?

Low Risk? That's the number of people who filed flood insurance claims even though they live in low moderate flood risk areas. At least they had flood insurance. The truth is, 90% of all natural disasters in this country involve floods. And 25% to 30% of flood insurance claims come from low to moderate flood risk areas. Everyone runs some risk of flood damage, even you. Yet, most home-owners insurance policies don't cover flood damage. Give yourself peace of mind.

Melt! When winter snows melt too quickly the ground can't absorb the water. Rivers, streams and drainage ditches can overflow and sewers can back up, making everyone vulnerable to flood damage. Yet as bad as that can be finding out your home-owners insurance policy doesn't cover flood damage can be far worse.

Fury! A storm surge from a hurricane can be 20 feet high, 100 miles long and move with frightening speed. Its unpredictable patterns and driving rains can cause flood devastation many miles inland. In minutes, a hurricane can wash away everything you have. And when the storm has passed and you survey the damage, that's the worst time to find out your home-owners insurance doesn't cover the damage.

Note: Protect your home, apartment, or business, with flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program . Act now, since it takes 30 days before your coverage begins. Because with floods, you can never say never.

We are not FEMA. We are an independent insurance brokerage that provides insurance through the NFIP.

Greene National Flood Brokerage

provides flood policies for residential and commercial properties nationwide. We provide flood policies for purchases, refinances, and additional content coverage for flood related incidence.
Greene National Flood Brokerage provides Flood Insurance coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program
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